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New York City possesses an aging infrastructure of all types; including your building’s gas piping system.

If you smell the somewhat garlicky odor of gas, immediately call 9-1-1 who will dispatch out the Utility Company to diagnose the situation and make the premises safe.
Most of the time, this results in the application of a Utlity lock on the main line coming in to the building. This initiates an oftentimes lengthy process of permitting, repairing, and/or replacing part or all of the gas piping system due to age.
Given the recent explosion on Second Avenue in Manhattan, the Department of Buildings is paying extra attention to gas applications–as well they should. When a lockdown occurs, it becomes a matter of public record and you will be able to see the status of your plumber’s permit application and inspection statuses on the DOB Building Information System (BIS) at
Hub Plumbing & Mechanical provides expert assistance in this arena. We specialize in Utility lockdowns, and are adept at navigating the complicated and often lengthy process of restoring gas service to the building.