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Humidifiers – New York City’s Hub Plumbing

At Hub Plumbing in New York City we have a great device to install on your central heating and air system—a humidifier. This innocuous little machine (which in most circumstances is a snap to install on your existing central heating/air conditioning equipment. This machine helps to moisturize the heat being produced by your furnace, and more saturated air makes it feel more comfortably warm. For example, think about how much hotter it feels when the humidity index is higher in the summertime. The same goes for inside your home, so, you’ll be able to use a bit less fuel to heat your home because the moisturized air carries the heat better.

Another great benefit to having an automatic humidifier on your system is that unlike the machines that plug into your wall, these machines plug into the 24volt control on your furnace, requiring a heck of a lot less electricity to run. Plus, you don’t have to lug some heavy tank over to the bathtub and fill it with water and put it back on your plug in machine. Easy, convenient and reliable!

If you have no humidifier at all (plug in or otherwise), I bet you’re one of the lucky ones waking up at night with a bloody nose or scratchy throat. Installing a central humidifier on your heating system can greatly reduce the occurrence of this sort of malady related to dry air, and it increases the value of your home overall as an added perk to be cited when you decide to sell it.