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Manhattan: Kitchen Sink 411

The kitchen is the heart of our homes.  In the kitchen, we gather to make meals together.  We go to the kitchen to share a quick bite to eat or linger over a cup of coffee before heading out to shovel the driveway – again! We begin the day in the kitchen, and we end it there, washing up after dinner with the family.

In the heart of the kitchen, then, is the kitchen sink.  Here are a few facts about kitchen sinks:

Sidestep Kitchen Clogs With Regular Drain Cleaning

There’s nothing worse than a clogged kitchen sink.  The mess, the inconvenience, the smell, the embarrassment! Kitchen sinks clog when organic material – food scraps, grease, hair and dirt – accumulates in the kitchen sink drain pipes.  Sometimes inorganic materials like chopsticks and silverware can join in.  Together, these items form an impassable barrier. Regular drain cleaning helps keep everything running smoothly. Manhattan professional drain cleaning services generally see homeowners on a yearly basis.

The More, The Merrier!

Two sinks are definitely better than one, particularly for the busy family who wants to make the most out of every minute together.  Have your Manhattan plumber add a second or prep sink to make it easy for everyone to join in meal prep and clean up efforts.  Spending mealtimes together is great for building family bonds and connections.

Water Filtration For Improved Health

While municipal water systems do their very best to remove all contaminants and health  hazards from the public’s drinking water, there’s really not anything they can do about the potentially hazardous material that lines the pipes inside your home.  Home water filtration systems can remove lead and other harmful elements from the water your family drinks.  Removing iron and other minerals from the family’s water can also eliminate the problem of stained clothing, bathtubs, toilets, and sinks.