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Great Kid’s Bathrooms: What You Need to Know

Every family is different, and so is every bathroom! When you’re designing a bathroom for your youngest family members, you want to keep a few things in mind. Kids grow quickly, so you want to make design decisions that will work for your family not just now, but in the long term: pre-teens and teenagers spend a lot of time in the bathroom, after all, and your tiny toddler will be asking you for the car keys before you turn around twice.

Safety First: No matter how old or young your kids may be, you want to make sure they’re safe in the bathroom. That means having your New York City plumber adjust the settings on your water heater to eliminate the danger of burns and scalds.  Additionally, adding step stools and grab bars make it both easier and safer for your toddler to use the toilet independently.

Think Durability: Kids are hard on bathrooms. They’re active, boisterous, and not particularly careful with fixtures, especially  knobs and levers. Avoid a problem before it even starts by having your New York City  plumber install a touchless hands-free faucet.  Metered faucets limit the amount of water that comes from the faucet per use, preventing floods in case a little someone ‘forgets’ to shut the water off!

Kid Friendly Design: Making the bathroom appealing for kids means using lots of color.  Save the bolder shades and themed prints on items that are easy to replace such as towels, shower curtains, and rugs.  Textures keep the space interesting for kids: try incorporating a variety of finishes to provide tactile interest. Stone tiles, polished steel, smooth wood, marble tile, and other surfaces can be combined in a variety of ways to make the space unique while reflecting your family’s style. Finally, don’t forget the fun! A basket of tub-friendly toys is a must!