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Hub Plumbing & Mechanical Launches A New Website

Founded in 1999 Hub Plumbing & Mechanical is an expert in plumbing & heating services in NYC. We hand pick our technicians making sure that they are at the highest level of skill, knowledge and expertise. Our team is available for architects & professional engineers to consult on upcoming projects. We can guide you every step of the way making sure the job get done correctly and efficiently. Hub Plumbing & Mechanical’s main focus is customer service & satisfaction. We use the only the best products & machinery on each and every job. Safety is one of our highest priorities! We are a master plumber that is fully licensed & insured.

Keeping up with technology we have rebuilt the framework of our current website. Being an NYC Plumber we must have the very best when it comes to our business. For this scope of work Hub Plumbing & Mechanical hired SEO company, Benjamin Marc.
“When I got the call from John from Hub Plumbing & Mechanical to work on their website & marketing I was thrilled. First off John is one of the nicest and smartest businessman I’ve met. His knowledge, skill and drive are impeccable. It is no wonder why he is a master plumber! Our scope was to update the framework on the backend of the website to keep up with the latest technology. Just like Hub Plumbing & Mechanical’s business their website is a powerhouse. It has tons of useful information for online visitors to get educated on various plumbing & heating topics. Our goal as their seo company is to increase online visitors as well as help boost Hub Plumbing & Mechanical in the search engines. Since the frame work and SEO campaign began we noticed a surge in web traffic with visitors staying on site for a longer duration of time. I can’t stress enough what an absolute pleasure it is to work with John & his team. Their google reviews should tell you all you need to know about Hub Plumbing & Mechanical”. Says Anthony Savino CEO of Benjamin Marc.

Please feel free to browse the website and contact us anytime.

3 Tips To Find A Reputable Plumber

Hiring the right plumber can be such a task these days. It used to be so much easier. Now it seems that either plumbers are cutting corners to save time & money or they are not even licensed or insured. We have heard so many of these stories that we felt the need to inform others. Plumbing is one of the trades where you need to pay attention to every detail or something can go very wrong. That’s why we are sharing 3 tips to find a reputable plumber to help narrow down your search.

1- Reviews. Checking to see if a business has reviews is a great way to cross reference. Some companies will list reviews directly on their website but, are there legit? Are they coming from real customers or are they just written from the business owner? Search for the plumber you are looking to hire on the search engines to see they have reviews posted online. Also check to see how recent those reviews are. Try searching the plumbers name + reviews.

2- Licensed, Insured, Certifications. In every trade there are all types of licenses, certificates, insurances and affiliations. Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor to see up to date information certifying that they have these credentials. In certain cases each contractor needs to be licensed to work in each town or county.

3- Website. These days every company should have a website. It is shocking but some companies DO NOT. Check to see if the company you are looking to hire has a website. You can ask a web design expert if it is update to date and accurate.

*Bonus. Ask your contractor for an estimate with line items explaining the scope of work in detail. Some contractors will be very vague in doing this and leaving you in the dark.

Hope you enjoyed reading 3 tips to find a reputable plumber. If you have any questions please contact us.

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Window AC Unit

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the number of American homes with air conditioning systems has nearly reached 100 million. While central air conditioning systems outnumber window AC units in most areas of the country, in New York, that trend is reversed. No New Yorker want to experience an AC breakdown during the heat of summer. Fortunately, air conditioning units typically send signals before they completely fail. These troubleshooting tips from HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC can help you determine if fixing your window AC unit is in order.

Poor performance is often the first indication that an air conditioning window unit needs attention. If the unit turns on and off frequently, doesn’t sufficiently cool the air or continues to operate after the room has reach the desired temperature, the AC unit likely needs the services of a qualified HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC technician. It’s wise to pay attention to the sound that your air conditioning unit makes as well. Excessive noise or unexpected sounds like clanging demand immediate attention. Dripping water or ice forming on the unit also indicate that service is required.

Excess dust in the home can be a sign that an AC filter needs cleaning or replacing. Clogged filters can reduce an AC unit’s efficiency by as much as 15 percent. Some models of filters trap smaller particles of dust than others. HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC can recommend the most effective filter for your AC unit.

Less than 50 percent of people who own AC units regularly maintain them, according to the EIA, yet regular maintenance is the most affordable way to avoid costly AC repairs. A thorough inspection can not only spot defects and problems but can extend the life of the system with routine tune-ups.

Air conditioning repair in New York City requires a unique skill set, an extensive knowledge of the mechanics of an air conditioning unit combined with a commitment to deliver prompt and effective service. Should your air conditioning unit require repair, you can rely on us for prompt, courteous and professional service. Call HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC today at 646-862-7059 to schedule service from our skilled HVAC technicians and ensure that your New York home stays comfortably cool this summer and for many seasons to come.