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5 Plumbing Tips

Finding a reputable NYC plumber can be a daunting task. Reliability, skill level and overall professionalism play considerable roles when doing a search. Being a plumber for over 15 years we strive to provide our clients with the very best in customer service & satisfaction. Hub Plumbing & Mechanical services New York City residential homes and commercial sectors. We are fully licensed, insured & bonded. We are always here to answer all plumbing questions or concerns you might have. We also love to give tips that might help you along the way. Here are 5 plumbing tips.

5 Plumbing Tips

1- When a plumber is doing a service call, prior to letting them in your home or business ask for their license and insurance information. Make sure it matches with the company that you actually hired.

2- Prior to hiring a plumbing professional ask for 3 references of past jobs that have worked on in the local area.

3- Research the company you are looking to hire online. Visit their web design and look for reviews and testimonials. Also look in the search engine results pages for online citations as well.

4- Ask the contractor for a written estimate prior to starting the work. Have them outline the scope of work and itemize it accordingly.

5- Once you have hired a reputable plumbing company ask them if they offer service contracts. If you are ever in a crisis you have someone you can rely on.

We hope you enjoyed reading 5 plumbing tips. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

A DIY Guide to Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage disposals are a convenient appliance that makes short work of food scraps, chopping up leftovers and sending them down the drain, but like any appliance, they eventually need replacing. Garbage disposal installation requires working with the home’s plumbing and electrical systems and also involves working under the sink for an extended period of time. If you’re not in a DIY mood, you can always count on HUB Plumbing in NYC to complete any plumbing installation job you have.

The first step to replacing your garbage disposal is to disconnect the power supply to the unit. Most units plug into an electrical outlet under the sink. Hard-wired units must be disconnected at the circuit breaker. Using a screwdriver, open the unit’s access panel and disconnect the wiring. It’s important to disconnect the electrical cable from the base of the unit as well, as it acts as a ground for the unit. Always use a tester to make certain that the power is off.

Next, unscrew the nut of the clamp that holds the drain pipe to the disposal. Maneuver the pipe out of the way. The unit is then ready to drop down. Loosen the locking ring at the top of the unit by rotating the ring with the help of a screwdriver to release the disposal from the mount. Detach the screws that hold the mounting ring to the underside of the sink. Above the mounting ring is a locking ring. Detach this with the flat blade of a screwdriver.

The flange around the drain on the sink can now be removed and cleaned. Once the sink flange has been cleaned, attach fresh putty around its rim before reinserting it into the sink. Reattach the locking rim and mounting rim and secure tightly, and then remove any excess putty from the sink flange.

It’s easiest to connect the wiring to the new unit before attaching it to the mounting rim. Wiring is usually color coded to make installation easier. If it’s not clear which wires to connect to the new unit, don’t risk injuring your safety or your home’s electrical system. Call a plumbing company in New York City to assist you. Once the electrical wires are connected, you can attach the new unit connect it to the drain pipe.

At HUB Plumbing in NYC, we’re happy to offer regular plumbing maintenance that will alert you to any necessary garbage disposal-related plumbing repairs. We’re pleased to handle garbage disposal replacements for you as well. Call 646-862-7059 any day of the week for prompt, quality service.