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The Dangers of Forgoing Early Leak Detection

Leak DetectionIf you notice that your water bills are higher than usual, there is mold and mildew forming in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room, and there is a musty or damp smell in your home, your house may have a leak. Homeowners who encounter any of these situations should call us at HUB Plumbing NYC to take advantage of our leak detection services and to fix the source of the leak so that no further damage occurs.

Health, Structural, and Flood Hazards

Not taking care of a leak can pose several health, structural, and flood hazards to your home and those living in it.

  • Without finding out where the leak is coming from with leak detection services, mold can begin to form and may cause allergies, headaches, and other respiratory problems.
  • When a leak goes undetected and mold begins to form in your home, the drywall can become damaged and you may need to invest in costly and extensive home renovations as a result.
  • A leak that remains unfixed and is not caught with leak detection procedures can also eventually contribute to certain areas of the home flooding. This flooding may damage furniture and possession in your home and may even prohibit you from using certain areas of your home due to damage from the leak.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

If you suspect your home has a leak, don’t wait any longer to call us at HUB Plumbing NYC. We are the most reliable New York City plumbing company in the area and can be contacted at 646-862-7059.