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What Is Backflow?

Water always follows the path of least resistance. In your home, the pressure of the system forces fresh water through the lines and to faucets. Once the water is used, it follows the course of gravity to flow down the drain lines and out to the sewer. However, the water will flow in the opposite direction in the right conditions. If you are dealing with backflow problems, contact HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC for reliable service and repairs.

Hydraulic Conditions & the Danger of Backflow

There are a few key conditions that will cause your fresh water supply to move in the wrong direction. If a water main breaks, you will lose pressure and the water can flow back towards the drinking water supply. This is particularly dangerous if non-potable water contaminates the fresh water as it moves back into the main supply. If this happens, you will probably be alerted to boil all water before using it for drinking or cooking.

On a small level, pumps can fail and result in a lack of water pressure or even backflow. If you suddenly find that you have no water, but your neighbors are not experiencing problems, you may need a New York City plumber to correct the problem.

Cross Connections

When the water pressure suddenly fails for any reason, the backflow into the fresh supply can be intense. Pulling bacteria out of fixtures and lines, it can contaminate the drinking water supply with dangerous diseases and chemicals. This is why it’s critical for homes and businesses alike to invest in backflow prevention devices. Protecting the public by keeping dangerous chemicals and contaminants out of the water supply when the pressure suddenly fails, these devices can be installed by local plumbing repair professionals like HUB.

Whether you experience regular problems with backflow in an aging building or just want to do your part to protect the water supply, let HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC install the necessary devices on your home or business. Ensuring that water only flows in one direction, they will make your family safer and protect you from the dangers of backflow.

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