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What Is Backflow?

Water always follows the path of least resistance. In your home, the pressure of the system forces fresh water through the lines and to faucets. Once the water is used, it follows the course of gravity to flow down the drain lines and out to the sewer. However, the water will flow in the opposite direction in the right conditions. If you are dealing with backflow problems, contact HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC for reliable service and repairs.

Hydraulic Conditions & the Danger of Backflow

There are a few key conditions that will cause your fresh water supply to move in the wrong direction. If a water main breaks, you will lose pressure and the water can flow back towards the drinking water supply. This is particularly dangerous if non-potable water contaminates the fresh water as it moves back into the main supply. If this happens, you will probably be alerted to boil all water before using it for drinking or cooking.

On a small level, pumps can fail and result in a lack of water pressure or even backflow. If you suddenly find that you have no water, but your neighbors are not experiencing problems, you may need a New York City plumber to correct the problem.

Cross Connections

When the water pressure suddenly fails for any reason, the backflow into the fresh supply can be intense. Pulling bacteria out of fixtures and lines, it can contaminate the drinking water supply with dangerous diseases and chemicals. This is why it’s critical for homes and businesses alike to invest in backflow prevention devices. Protecting the public by keeping dangerous chemicals and contaminants out of the water supply when the pressure suddenly fails, these devices can be installed by local plumbing repair professionals like HUB.

Whether you experience regular problems with backflow in an aging building or just want to do your part to protect the water supply, let HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC install the necessary devices on your home or business. Ensuring that water only flows in one direction, they will make your family safer and protect you from the dangers of backflow.

Call us today at 646-862-7059 to learn more about the benefits of backflow prevention.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Maintenance from Hub Plumbing & Mechanical

As one of the most important features in your sink, your garbage disposal requires essential maintenance to ensure it is always flowing freely. Without proper installation and maintenance, your disposal can quickly back up and cause you a major hassle. Even if you’re looking to upgrade your existing disposal to a newer model, or add one to make your life a little easier, the prompt, professional New York City plumbers at Hub Plumbing & Mechanical can accomplish this task for you.

Like many things in our residential plumbing systems, garbage disposals require critical maintenance services in order to operate at peak performance levels. It is a sad truth, however, that often garbage disposal maintenance takes a backseat to the large plumbing fixtures in our homes, such as toilets and showers. Without proper maintenance for your disposal, it can quickly malfunction, leaving you in the lurch, unsure of what steps to take next. Our trained and experienced plumbers can ensure your disposal is operating at the highest performance levels, allowing you and your family to rest easy when it comes to removing excess food waste. Our professional plumbers can also provide you with easy, at-home maintenance tips to ensure your garbage disposal is always functioning at the highest level possible.

For all your garbage disposal needs in New York City and the surrounding area, Hub Plumbing & Mechanical is here to help. For additional information regarding garbage disposal maintenance or to schedule a service, give us a call at 646-862-7059 or contact us online today.

New York City Home Buyer’s Value Guide to Plumbing

It’s summer, and this is the most common time for home buyers to search the NYC real estate market. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of problems that may exist in a home that are not found by inspectors, especially plumbing leaks and poor plumbing systems. Before buying a home filled with plumbing repair needs, be sure to check out the various plumbing fixtures so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

In the bathroom, be sure to inspect the floor; look around the base of the toilet for water damage, and test to make sure there are no soft spots in the floor. These are signs of water leaks, typically existing. If you find black and white stains or rolled vinyl flooring, these are also clues that water leaks may have previously plagued the area or are currently a problem. Also be sure to press tiles on the wall to check for leaks and loose tiling. Before you move on, flush the toilet and make sure it works properly, not draining too slowly or causing water to leak.

To check for adequate piping and water pressure, turn on a bathtub faucet and the kitchen sink faucet. If the pressure is significantly reduced with both running, the piping may have a large amount of calcium and mineral deposits and need to be replaced. While you are in the kitchen, make sure the connections to the dishwasher and garbage disposal are tight and show no signs of leaks. Also, check within the cabinetry to assure there is no water damage, including stains, rotted corkboard, or sagging bottoms. Be sure to check the washing machine hose as well, since these can rupture and lead to extensive water damage.

The first four digits of the serial number on a water heater are the month and year of manufacture. If the water heater in the home is more than 15 years old, you’ll want to contact your local New York City plumbing company to replace it. You may also want to check for rust on the tank, as this is a sign of impending issues with the hot water heater. If you are unsure of problems you may find, you can get assistance with inspections from our New York City water heater technicians, available to help you assess the value of the plumbing system in your prospective home purchase.