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Tips for Maintaining the Life of Your Furnace

FurnaceModern furnaces are designed to deliver many years of effective service. If not properly maintained, however, your furnace may not last as long as expected and may cost you money on needless heating repairs. As a New York City heating company with extensive experience in furnace maintenance, repair, and replacement services, HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC is pleased to provide these useful tips for maintaining the life of your furnace.

Seasonal Preventative Maintenance
Regular heating system tune-ups by one of our expert technicians at HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC help ensure that your furnace is operating at peak energy efficiency, saving you money on monthly energy bills. Because furnaces burn fuel to generate heat, it’s critical to make sure that fuel isn’t being wasted through leaks, gaps, and obstructions in flues, pipes, or chimneys. During regularly scheduled checkups, our skilled HVAC technicians use combustion analyzers to calculate your furnace’s fuel efficiency.

Duct Sealing and Insulation
Forced-air heating system ductwork not only delivers conditioned air but removes stale air as well. Leaks and gaps in ducts not only disrupt the air delivery system’s balance but can in an up to 30% loss of conditioned air. Our professional HVAC technicians at HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC can ensure that heated air is efficiently delivered to your home’s living areas, saving you money and limiting the level of dust and other allergens. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that ductwork undergo seasonal inspection to help protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.

Energy-Saving Home Improvements
You’ll be pleased to discover that HUB Plumbing & Mechanical NYC also offers home improvement services that help you save money. From a programmable thermostat that lets you control home temperatures whether you’re at home or away to affordable heating repairs and retrofits that help your furnace operate at optimum energy efficiency, our business is to keep you and your family comfortable in your New York home by extending the life of your furnace. To learn more cost-saving tips or to schedule an appointment for services, call us today at 646-862-7059.

New York City NY Furnace Repair

Regular maintenance of your heating system can keep your furnace running efficiently throughout the winter months and often save you from needing furnace repair. However, keeping your heating system perfect is not easy. Your New York City furnace repair experts at HUB Plumbing & Mechanical of New York City are available to help any time.

Most furnace repairs and upkeep is best left to an expert. However, there are some quick tips for making sure your furnace stays healthy. Simple cleaning of your furnace can often increase fuel efficiency and keep your furnace from overheating. Dirt and dust are major contributors to wasted energy and the overworking of your heating system. Cleaning the furnace filter should be the first step. Replace your furnace filter at the beginning of the heating season and then throughout every 4-6 weeks. Most furnaces in the southwest have removable disposable furnace filters and you should always follow the directions when changing them out.

If you have a gas furnace, checking the pilot light controls or the gas valves for leaks is important. The pilot light can go out in drafty houses as well as the opening becoming clogged. Pilot lights that won’t stay lit should be looked at by a professional as there may be a problem with the thermocouple. If you find and smell a gas leak, especially with propane powered units, open all windows and doors in the immediate area and get out of the house to call the gas company or the fire department to report a leak. Stay out of the house until the professionals say it is ok to come back inside.

Electrical furnace repair is often less expensive over the lifespan of the furnace, however, the operating cost can often be higher. Your New York City NY heating system professionals can help get your system running efficiently in no time. Cleaning and adjusting your electric furnace at the beginning of each heating season will prove beneficial. Careful examination of fuses, breakers, filter, and blower motor will give you an idea what furnace repairs you will need to have done on your system before entering the winter months.

HUB Plumbing & Mechanical of New York City are your New York City heating system maintenance experts. Give them a call today at 646-862-7059 or visit them online for more information.

Winter Heating Tips from Your New York City NY Heating Repair Company

The winter months are upon us and your New York City NY heating installation and repair company, HUB Plumbing & Mechanical, want you to consider some heating tips from Energy Star to help save energy and money on heating your home or business.

Maintain heating equipment. Dirt and neglect are the number one causes of heating system failure, so be sure to maintain your equipment. Now is a good time to schedule a pre-season checkup of your heating equipment with a licensed contractor to make sure your system is operating at peak performance. Check your system’s air filter every month. When it is dirty, change it. At a minimum change it every 3 months.

Use a programmable thermostat. Regulate your home’s temperature while you’re away or asleep by using one of the convenient pre-programmed settings on a programmable thermostat. When used properly, programmable thermostats can save you up to $180 every year in energy costs.

Seal air leaks in your home. As much as 20 percent of the air moving through your home’s duct system is lost due to leaks and poor connections. Sealing air leaks with caulk, spray foam, or weather stripping will have a significant impact on improving your comfort and reducing energy bills. If you are adding insulation to your home, be sure to seal air leaks first, to ensure you get the best performance from your insulation. Seal duct work using mastic sealant or metal tape and insulate all the ducts that you can access (such as those in attics, crawlspaces, unfinished basements, and garages). Also, make sure that connections at vents and registers are well-sealed where they meet floors, walls, and ceilings. These are common locations to find leaks and disconnected ductwork.

Look for ENERGY STAR qualified products. Whether you are replacing light bulbs or appliances in your home, ENERGY STAR qualified products can help you save energy and reduce energy bills. The label can be found on more than 60 types of products ranging from heating and cooling equipment to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Also, look to EPA’s ENERGY STAR program for advice on other ways you can save at home such as using power strips as a central ‘turn-off’ point for electronics and office equipment, making sure computers and monitors are “powered down” when not in use and reversing the blade rotation on ceiling fans to help spread warm air around a room.

HUB Plumbing & Mechanical offers heating repair and heating maintenance in New York City NY and surrounding cities. Call 646.862.7059 today for all your heating and cooling needs or visit us online to schedule service.


New York City NY Heating Tune-Up for Winter

Heating your home during the winter months can turn into a large investment. Heating costs account for 35-50% of annual energy bills, so it is important to every homeowner to keep the costs as low as possible. Keeping the costs of your furnace to a minimum is on the mind of every homeowner, and our New York City NY heating experts at HUB Plumbing & Mechanical can do just that. By providing proper maintenance and repair to your furnace and boiler, our heating technicians can keep your costs low and ensure your system is as energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly as possible.

By ensuring your system is up-to-grade, you are keeping your costs at a minimum and your performance at a high. Our trained technicians can replace an older model of furnace or boiler with a brand new system, one that boasts the latest technological advancements in the industry and can serve your home for years to come. If your system is older than 20 years, it may be time to consider a replacement. If your system boasts an old coal burner that was previously switched over to oil or gas, lacks electronic ignition, or does not have vent dampers or a draft fan, you also may want to consider a replacement. These models are severely out-of-date, meaning you are not attaining the energy-efficiency you could today, and spending unnecessary money on your monthly utility bills.

Our New York City heating experts at HUB Plumbing & Mechanical can evaluate your current system for cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency, making our best recommendation as to whether to repair or replace your furnace. For additional information regarding furnace repair and maintenance, give us a call at 646-862-7059 or visit us online today.